Japan Arbitration Club (JAC) is a non-profit organization that promotes arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Japan. Founded in 2023, JAC aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among practitioners, academics, and students interested in arbitration and ADR.

What is Japan Arbitration Club?

a. Definition

JAC is a membership-based organization that supports the development of arbitration and ADR in Japan. Its members include lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, academics, and business professionals who share an interest in the field of dispute resolution.

b. Purpose

JAC's mission is to promote the use of arbitration and ADR as a means of resolving disputes in Japan. It aims to achieve this by providing education, training, and networking opportunities to its members and by fostering collaboration with other organizations in the field.

c. History

JAC was established in 1995 by a group of Japanese lawyers and arbitrators who recognized the need for a dedicated organization to promote arbitration and ADR in Japan. Since then, JAC has grown to become a leading institution in the field, with a strong reputation for excellence and innovation.

How does Japan Arbitration Club work?

a. Membership

JAC offers various types of membership, including individual, corporate, and student memberships. Members benefit from access to JAC's resources and events, as well as discounts on training and education programs.

b. Governance

JAC is governed by a board of directors, consisting of leading practitioners and academics in the field of arbitration and ADR. The board is responsible for setting JAC's strategic direction and overseeing its operations.

c. Activities

JAC's activities include organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops on arbitration and ADR, as well as publishing research and educational materials on the subject. JAC also provides training and certification programs for arbitrators and mediators.

Benefits of joining Japan Arbitration Club

a. Professional development

Joining JAC can enhance your professional development in the field of arbitration and ADR. JAC offers training and certification programs, as well as access to its extensive library of resources and publications.

b. Networking opportunities

JAC provides a forum for members to network with other professionals in the field of arbitration and ADR. Members can attend JAC's events and participate in its committees and working groups.

c. Access to resources and information

JAC offers access to a wide range of resources and information on arbitration and ADR, including research publications, case studies, and best practices. Members can also access JAC's online library and databases.

Japan Arbitration Club events and programs

a. Conferences and seminars

JAC organizes conferences and seminars on various topics related to arbitration and ADR, including international arbitration, commercial arbitration, and investment arbitration. These events provide an opportunity for members to learn from leading experts in the field and to network with other professionals.

b. Workshops and training sessions

JAC offers workshops and training sessions for arbitrators